Best Knife for Cutting Ribs – Top 3 Knives You Should Own

Prime Rib

With countless blades, it’s hard to choose your own blade assortment. Don’t have the foggiest idea of how to pick the best knife for cutting ribs? We got you!


Regardless of whether it’s a supper broil, pork chops, an occasional ham, or steaks on the BBQ party, there’s always the best knife for cutting ribs – a knife made to assist with cutting impeccably.

In the cutlery’s realm, every single blade has a particular reason, and each one is somewhat not quite the same as the other, which confuses you a lot. That’s why we are here to help you with the top 3 best blades along with a useful buying guide. Keep reading!

Buying Guide

What to Medicate When Picking the Right Knife

When looking for the best knife to cut prime rib, think about specific standards. 

The weight, for instance, should serve your inclinations. Some favor a lighter-weight blade, while others search for a heavier one. Moreover, the size/length of it ought to be agreeable for you to assist. 

Prime Rib

The cutting edge is intended to feel even riskless, and the handle stays in place when the blade is held and must be comfy to hold. While all blades require frequent honing, picking the great one will keep their sharpness long-lasting.

How to Choose the Right Knife


The best knife for cutting prime rib should weigh sufficiently for the person to feel restful.

Some choose the heavier knife for the gravity assistance and more chopping power to go with the flow throughout the meat. Others prefer lightweight blades, which are less difficult to move and direct through meat pieces, regardless of the range.

Two of different types might have the same weight, but they create distinct feelings in the hands of specific users. The use of a knife that suits you will provide outstanding results.


Blades for cutting ribs often come different, with the most common being 12 inches. 

Nonetheless, a good sizing one should let you cut your beautifully cooked ribs into the perfect slices easily while fitting perfectly into your hands.


When choosing the best knife for prime rib, opt for the stainless steel material. This is also the most commonly used material among the cutlery’s world. As for the handle, it is often made of plastic, making it easy to hold and cut with.

Also, go for the one giving you a balanced feel, neither weighted toward the blade nor the handle. 


The budget is one of the most important factors to pay attention to when picking the best carving knife for prime ribs. The most expensive isn’t always the best, and the cheapest doesn’t always come with bad quality.

There are different price ranges for rib-cutting blades. Some only cost as little as $10-20, while others can go up to three digits. 

Best Knife For Cutting Ribs – Top 3 Reviews

Ergo Chef Prodigy Series 12″ Slicing Knife – Best Overall

Ergo Chef Prodigy 12” Slicing Knife

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The Ergo Chef Prodigy slicing knife is one of the best to improve efficiency in your kitchen.

To carve any roast, you need a very good and well-sharpened blade, and you can’t go wrong with this pick. The high-carbon stainless steel blade takes on a similar appearance to most carving knives, featuring a thin, razor-sharp blade to cut the different types of meat effortlessly.

Novice carvers often have problems with carving brisket; they either end up cutting thick slices and shredded edges on the slices of meat. The same thing is not going to happen with this knife, thanks to its long and narrow shape. 

The oval hollows on the blade make room for air to pass through, thus minimizing the friction to prevent food sticking and allowing easier slicing for clean and smooth cuts.

The only problem is, since it is so sharp and big (12”), some people find it quite dangerous to just let this knife hang around. You’ll have to come back to purchase a cover for this blade to prevent any accidental finger slicings.

Other than that, this knife is great for everybody, especially beginner home cooks. And it comes out on top as the best type of knife to cut prime rib.


  • Stainless steel, razor-sharp blade
  • Non-slip handle
  • Suitable for cutting different food
  • Hollows on blade for less food sticking and smoother cuts


  • Not an easy grip

Seki Japan MASAMUNE Kitchen Knife – Best For Limited Storage Space


Seki Japan MASAMUNE Kitchen Knife
Seki Japan MASAMUNE Kitchen Knife

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Don’t underestimate the power of this 7” knife. Even though its size is significantly smaller than the mentioned counterparts, its cutting ability is just as good.

Since its tip is very sharp, you can separate the meat and bones of ribs easily; thus, piercing meat is also effortlessly smoother. Even though most people use this product as a sushi knife, it works just as well as a knife for cutting ribs, as its name suggests.

This 180mm blade is made of stainless steel, ensuring lifelong use with little maintenance needed. What is more, the plastic handle adds more grip to it, helping you hold it firm and tight for the best cuts of meat.

Since this is rather small, you can store it anywhere in the kitchen without worry about accidentally cutting yourself.

What seems to be the deal-breaker for this is the thin blade. It makes you feel like holding a feather light, but long-term use with hard vegetables/bones can cause breakage.


  • Cuts easily
  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel blade


  • Thin blade

Food Service Knives 12” Slicer – Best For The Budget

Food Service Knives 12” Slicer

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The Food Service Knives 12” Slicer is said to be the best knife for carving prime rib with a budget-friendly price compared to the Victorinox 12” Slicing. Let’s find out why.

One selling point of  this slicer is the Granton blade. This blade allows a thinner edge while still retaining great strength for cutting meat like ribs or brisket.

What is more, this one is crafted with precision and designed for both professional use and home use. You only need to do a quick sharpening, and it cuts like butter.

On the downside, the plastic handle feels flimsy and quite lightweight for a rib-cutting. For the price, we think this is a far bargain.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Granton blade
  • Study, ergonomic handle
  • Good for carving


  • Flimsy handle
  • Needs frequent sharpening

Wrapping Up

The best knife for cutting ribs isn’t going to cost you a fortune, but it will hold its edges well.

If you’re still considering the options, we personally recommend the Ergo Chef Prodigy Series 12″ Slicing Knife. This product is a bang for the buck, it is on the top of the best knife to carve prime rib and gets the job done nicely. The Ergo Chef blade may require you to sharpen it more than often, but it’s definitely worth the effort.